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Our life is all about Physics and Mind Strength                    Raj Mukuntharaj (Dec 2014)

Physics of the Universe

With our knowledge we know the universe formed with the Big Bang, since then the energy of the universe as a whole remains. Scientific theory (as far as the world is concerned) proves to our existing knowledge that energy doesn’t disappear or appear out of nowhere, it changes from one form to another. The energy from the sun is consumed by others in the universe. Eventually our sun will disappears, so will the planets in our solar system including Earth.

Text Box:  As far as the earth is concerned we are part of the nine planets. We have been surrounded by the sun and eight other  planets, all directly affected or influenced by each other. The planets get energy from the sun and reflect some back.

Each planet is made up of different materials, for an example Saturn is mostly made of gas, so the reflected energy will have unique effects on other planets. The effects varies, depending on which planets they were reflected from and where they are making an impact.

1) ROCKY PLANETS (Mercury, Venus, Earth , Mars, Pluto)
2) GAS PLANETS (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune)



The "Universal Power" or "GOD"

When these different characterized energies reaches the earth (whether it is directed or reflected) they will have different effects. So we could say these planets have unique types of power over the earth’s livings (human, animals and other..).

The astrology, which I believe is calculated on the basis of this idea. the effect they make on the earth’s livings (human, animals and other..) would varies, depends on the position of these planets on the solar system.

The astrology, which I believe is calculated on the basis of this idea. the effect they make on the earth’s livings (human, animals and other..) would varies, depends on the position of these planets on the solar system.

Text Box:




More importantly every life forms in the earth;
human, animals, plants has its own powers too.






The power of the universe, the power of the planets and the power of the living things in these planets puts together what I call the “Universal Power”. The “Universal Power” has been interpreted by the early humans as “GOD”.

Whether this “Universal Power” is the “GOD” or that such “GOD” exists, I will leave it for the individuals to decide what they believe. I am a Hindu and I follow the Hindu religion, and also respect every other religion and their beliefs. Do I believe or disbelieve in GOD? which is my personal opinion within myself, but not to share, I would like to respect every individual's beliefs.

For now we stick to the “Universal Power” in order to explain the physics behind it.

Humans have their own power which I call the "Human Power Bubble or Shield", and this human power plays its part in the “Universal Power”and plays a huge part towards other humans around them. Most humans either don’t know that they have the power or they don’t believe that they could have the power.

Human Power Bubble or Shield

If we dive deep into the power of the individual human or human’s power bubble or shield:

The strength of the human’s power bubble or shield is proportional to individuals:

  • How strong your mindset (not volatile)
  • How peaceful you are (as a good hearted  person)
  • How charitable you are (people bless you with their thought)
  • How much you believe in yourself
  • How fearless you are of anything (you done nothing wrong)

Above characters would determine the strength of the “Human Power Bubble or shield”, which would give individuals a protection from bad forces.
Text Box:



The "Human Power Bubble or Shield" either

    1) Protects you from external influence or
    2) Influences others from your strength






The Astrology

The planets movement and its position in the solar system affect everything within the system, including the Earth and its inhabitants. We are going to talk about the effects on the "Human Power Shield" by the planets. We and also talk about the effect made by one “Human Shield " to another.
The early astrologers have calculated using statistical approach to predict the:

  • The strength of the effect by each planets (depending on its position in the solar system at that time)to the living things in the earth
  • The characteristics of the living things based on the time and place in the Earth, giving the planetary, stars based identity for each individuals

They then were able to put both pieces of information together and predict the effect made to each individuals, this has been called as an "astrology chart writing". This exercise is frequently used by the Hindu society in the far east.  Hinduism is the oldest religion or way of life noted by ancient historians and archaeologist. Because of the earlier civilisation, Hindus seems to have mathematical and statistical maturity, they were able to interpret the “Universal Power” as “GOD”. Other part of the world evolved into similar way.

Religious Beliefs

Hindus believe that there is only one ultimate Master; Brahma. Brahma is a supreme spirit that permeates everything. Brahman is entirely impersonal, and entirely impossible to describe. Everything in the universe is part of Brahma, but Brahma is more than the sum of everything in the universe.

There can really be as many Hindu Gods as there are devotees to suit the moods, feelings, emotions & social background of the devotees. Each of the Gods represent one aspect of Brahma. The Hindu Gods; Shiva, Parvati, Ganesh, Murugan, Krishna, in many different forms to serve as a way in which devotees can see, touch and feel this unknowable God, Brahma. They give the layperson a tangible, knowable aspect of “GOD”.

Other religions Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and many other religions have interpreted "Universal Power" in their own way and beliefs. These were the efforts made by earlier community leading individuals or groups to lay down the structure to civilizing the society to behave and lives in harmony. The laws and orders followed by the beliefs and cultures, evolved to a moderate multicultural, multi-religious societies in an ever shrinking world in term of connecting and communicating to each other.

In order for you as an individual human to live happily, you have to learn to control your "Human Power Shield". 
The way human controls their "Human Power Shield" is:
  • They believe in them selves
  • They believe in “GOD” for every thing
  • They believe in “GOD” and them selves
  • Or believing in something else (another human or another power )

Some humans who lacks the social maturity and or lacks the knowledge of human existence in the world, who seems to influence other humans in a wrong way and put themselves and others into difficulties. They make others suffering for their own benefits, without realizing that they are making mistakes.

The Individual as a single Package

I believe that every individual in this world is equal to other individuals in terms of a complete package. Some has power, some are rich, some are educated, some have happy family life, some have healthy lifestyle, some have jobs that gives them full  satisfaction, some enjoy charitable life and so on. If you put these together as a whole package and balance it, everyone is equal to others. The secret of the success and happy life is all about how you pursue and how you see and accept your day-to-day life and how you value the people in your life. The human nature always wants more than what it has and is unsatisfied if they couldn't have it. There should be an ambition and a drive to achieve high, if it is not there then no interest in life.

Control your own space

Text Box:  You need to identify what is the good influences and what is the bad influences. Depending on how much distance you want to keep with those influences, you then need to learn to attenuate or reduce a particular influence and its effectiveness.

If you are naturally an assertive person with confidence and competence, your shield is naturally stronger and you subconsciously defend all bad influences or forces.

The reason I am writing this article is for people who are naturally not stronger, softer, less confident and less competent, who lets some or almost all the bad energy through their weaker "Human Power Shield", and being affected by it, looses the strength of the shield even further to almost no shield.

With this vulnerable state, if they usually turn to someone who they can trust (if that someone who could rebuild their strength), or to the “Universal Power” “GOD”, Reaching for these trusted sources, they could recover their shield from a weakened state to a stronger state. If they are not getting any help, it will damage them beyond their recovery state. I advice if you can't recover your shield I suggest get help from “GOD” oor any one you could trust will help you recover.



Understanding the Physics

The “Universal Power” is the:

  • The Power of the sun
  • The planets which is reflecting the energy from the sun with various effects
  • The power of the individual livings in the universe (Humans in earth)

Above three powers puts together is what we call it as “GOD”. If you think “GOD”will help you, in reality you are part of it too. If you believe in yourself that you have powers too, you could make things happen for you. You can achieve anything that within the boundary that you could achieve. The boundary is set by the strength of your shield and the intensity of the external influences or forces.

When we say the “Universal Power”, we are mostly considering about the power from the things within our solar system, which is closer to us in the earth to make an impact on us. Beyond the solar system there are "Planets, Stars, Galaxies and the contents of Intergalactic Space" which is not in the effecting vicinity of us. Some unexplained activities happen one in a million billion events, which could be by these far away forces.

Be Positive, Believe in yourself, You could make things happen for yourself.

Make Believe

Generally said, be the right person at the right place at the right time to make it happen. But if you could grasp the fact about the physics, behind of everything goes around us, you could make yourself as "the right person", make places as "the right place", and make any time as "the right time".

Physics behind our day-to-day life

In our day-to-day life, the types of the forces affect or influence us are:

  • Energy from the sun, and the reflected energy from the planets, position of each planets and the relative positions between the planets. The intensity of the effects from the above depends on the characteristics of yourself. (The characteristics would be calculated in your astrology using the time and place of your birth, giving an identity for you as the living things in the universe, this particular identity has a power and characteristics itself - I mean you are a power source yourself).
  • The people in and around your life, partner, family, friends, colleagues, work bosses, social circle and the people you meet day-to-day. They all have their “Human’s Power Bubble or Shield”, they can be good or bad influences or forces towards you.
  • Good or Bad events happening in and around us or around in the world

If you consider the above, could actually strengthen or weaken our “Human’s Power Bubble or Shield”, resulting on the way we act as a follow up.


Text Box:  In a nutshell the humans are:

* Influenced by the power of the planets and its positions
* Influenced by the people in and around us
* Influenced by the events happening in the vicinity









These influences affects our “Human’s Power Bubble or Shield”.

If our shield is weakening by the bad influence, we are likely to get hurt more and loosing strength to live a healthier life.

How do we encounter or defend ourselves against these bad influences?

We could do it in two ways:

  • Awareness - be aware of the bad influence, identify the root cause of the issue, then eliminate or reduce the root cause. This has to be an ongoing exercise, this is could affect you by your own power too.
  • Become naturally a good strong minded person. How do we do that? as explained earlier you can:
      • Strengthen your mindset (be not volatile)
      • Be peaceful (be as a good hearted  person)
      • Be charitable (people bless you with their thought)
      • Believe in yourself
      • Be not afraid of anything (you done nothing wrong)
      • Accept if you are wrong, apologies, make amendment and move on
      • Be happy, you only born in this world once, enjoy and enjoy with everything around you, be a team player, being part of the team make you even stronger

I hope your shield gets stronger for the bad influence, lighter for good influence. Adapt into the environment and be part of it. Remember you born to live.

Following article: How to achieve what you want to achieve within the boundary

Happy New Year 2015 Raj Mukuntharaj (25thDec2014)




Until we meet again..

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